ProMariner POWM-23125 ProlsoCharge Battery Isolator 180Amp 1-Alt 3-Bat – 12Volt

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The ProMariner ProIsoCharge 180 Intelligent Alternator Distribution System is an innovative output distribution system that protects the health of the main engine start battery while charging other independent battery banks. This unit features a single alternator input and outputs for 3 battery banks.


  • Properly charges and conditions your vessel's batteries / banks while underway
  • Most innovative "zero-volt loss" engine alternator charging isolator available
  • You save space and time by eliminating traditional low efficiency diode isolators and ancillary voltage sensitive relays or solenoids to isolate and charge multiple battery banks
  • All digital design delivering active battery status and automatic engine battery health priority while digitally distributing the full output of your engine's alternator
  • Digital software-based battery bank and alternator monitoring
  • Designed and constructed to Marine UL 1236 design with CE compliance

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