ProMariner POWM-23123 ProlsoCharge Battery Isolator 250Amp 1-Alt 2-Bat – 12Volt

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Pro-IsoCharge provides micro-processor-controlled alternator output distribution to multiple battery banks, while protecting the charge status of your engine starting batteries. By eliminating the typical alternator voltage loss of 0.6 volts associated with traditional diode-based isolators, Pro-IsoCharge's innovative zero voltage-loss circuitry ensures fully charged batteries and faster charging times. Provides priority charging to a battery bank that’s under load by taking fully charged batteries offline.


  • Clear, well-marked terminals make installation a snap
  • LED Status Center tells you which batteries are being charged by which alternator, alerts you to alternator fault conditions, as well as system status
  • Dual engine models have outputs for up to 4 battery banks
  • Advanced regulator ready with remote sense terminal(s)
  • Ignition protected; waterproof to IP66 - heavy seas/power jetting

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