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Camper Furnaces

Add a new RV furnace to your camper with our selection of trusted furnace brands. Whether you are looking for a completely new RV furnace or are looking to fix your current model with RV furnace parts, you are sure to find what you are looking for in our selection. Shop our full selection of RV furnaces below and find the model you are looking for like the Atwood 32684 AFMD30111, Atwood 32690, and more! Order the furnace or furnace part you need and improve your RV's heating system today.

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Finding the Electric RV Furnace that Works for You

When looking for new camper furnaces consider three important factors: size, heating needs, and budget. The first thing to look for when considering to purchase a new heater is its size. If you are looking at a standard suburban RV furnace, make sure to know the specific measurements before purchase. Unlike standard camper furnaces, you don’t need to worry about limited space with electric RV furnaces. Our next point, heating needs depend on where you plan to spend the winter. Gas furnaces typically run warm air throughout the whole RV and take up a ton of room. Electric camper furnaces, on the other hand, tend to warm smaller areas of the RV which means it wastes less energy and it tends to be quieter than gas heaters. Lastly, how much are you willing to spend and will the RV heater lead to savings beyond its cost? Consider the ductwork and the accessories that are necessary to operate the furnace.

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