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Fan-Tastic Vent

Fan-Tastic Vent Fans
Increase airflow in your camper with our selection of Fan-Tastic vent fans.
Cover your Fant-Tastic Vent Fans with a dome designed to fit perfectly.
Protect vents in your camper while still allowing airflow with our Fan-Tastic Vent Cover.
Upgrade Kits
Find the Fan-Tastic vent parts to upgrade your system with our upgrade kits.
Fan Parts
Need a specific part for your Fan-Tastic Vent? Check out our stand alone parts here.

In need of a new ventilation system for your camper or RV? Campers have been trusting Fan-Tastic vents with their ventilation needs since 1984. Fant-Tastic vents are quality products for proper camper ventilation at a reasonable price. At Boat & RV Accessories we carry a variety of Fan-Tastic vent parts including Fan-Tastic Vent Fans, Fan-Tastic Domes, Fan-Tastic Cover, Fan-Tastic Upgrade Kits, and Fan-Tastic Fan Parts. Improve the airflow in your camper and order Fan-Tastic vents for your RV today! 

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