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RV Air Conditioner Capacitors

Boat & RV carries an extensive catalogue of HVAC Capacitors by leading brands like Danfoss and Packard. Chances are, we have a capacitor option to suit your boat or RV's HVAC needs. Our product selection will help keep your appliances operating reliably and at top performance for years to come. Boat & RV is your one stop shop for HVAC parts and equipment!

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Things to Keep in Mind When Replacing HVAC Capacitors

Determining the right HVAC capacitor can be tricky when there are several options available. We gathered up some basic things to keep in mind when choosing the correct RV air conditioner capacitors. First, find the right replacement HVAC capacitors by matching the capacitor to the make and model of your air conditioner. If you decide to replace the capacitor yourself make sure to power down the air conditioner before starting any fixes. Even with the air conditioner turned off, the HVAC fan capacitors still have energy stored inside, discharge it to prevent any damage to yourself. Before replacing an HVAC capacitor yourself be sure you feel comfortable with handling the parts.

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