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Boat Snaps

Durable, reliable, versatile — the best boat snaps are all of these qualities and more. Whether you're anchoring chains or securing your prized vessel to the dock, you need the right boat snap hook for the job. We're proud to offer a wide marine snap hook selection ranging in style, size and configuration. They're perfect to have on hand for fastening a metal snap and boat dock lines. Shop Boat & RV's marine snap hooks today!

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Anchor & Secure Your Boat with Sturdy Boat Snaps from Boat & RV Accessories

Time on your boat should be fun, relaxing and, most of all, safe. Boat and RV's marine snap hooks are here to help you keep it that way. When you use products like our carabiner and swivel eye, you can efficiently connect components in your boat's most safety-critical systems. We're committed to providing our customers with premium boat accessories at unbeatable value. For excellent quality you can count on, browse our boat snap hook selection now!

Discover More About Boat Snap Hooks & Accessories

The Boat & RV experts have years of expertise in boat safety, and we're dedicated to sharing our knowledge and tips with our customers. Whether you're looking for a particular product or have a question about marine snap hooks, we're here to help. Check out our information center or continue reading to learn more about boat snap hook uses and best practices.

How Are Fasteners Sized for Boat Snaps?

Fasteners for boat snaps are sized in a couple different ways. One method is measuring the diameter in fractions of an inch. Another option is measuring the diameter in lignes, with 40 lignes equaling one inch.

What is the Function of Spring Hooks?

A spring hook is a type of marine snap hook that is used to keep a rope, cord or target line from accidentally becoming unhooked.

What Material is a Bolt Snap Made of?

A bolt snap is typically made of plastic or metal. When metal is used, it's either stainless steel or brass. The strength of this material makes bolt snaps ideal for diving and boating applications.

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