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Boat Drain Plugs

Each and every hole in a vessel's hull or structure opens you up to water rushing in and scuttling your boat. Protect yourself, loved ones and your watercraft with the help of quality boat plugs from Boat & RV Accessories. We understand the importance of using the best marine plumbing equipment available. That's why we've curated a specialized selection of marine drain plugs from trusted brands like Attwood to give you the strength and ease of use you deserve. Shop our selection of boat plugs online today to learn why the boating experts trust Boat & RV. And don't forget to check out our full collection of boating accessories for everything you need to repair, upgrade or enhance your prized watercraft.

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Shop Marine Drain Plugs and More from Boat & RV

At Boat & RV, we strive to provide you with premium products to help repair or upgrade your boat for complete peace of mind. Browse our selection of durable boat drain plugs to keep your vessel nice and dry for years to come. Each brass-plated boat drain plug can easily be tightened in its tube by turning the handle clockwise and flipped down to lock. The rubber plug is specially designed to then expand for a tight and reliable seal. Have a question or need additional information about our selection of boat plugs? Reach out today — we're here to help however we can!

Learn More About Boat Drain Plugs and How They Work

Boat drain plugs are a vital component of any good watercraft. But at Boat & RV, we get that it can be overwhelming at times trying to understand and obtain everything you need to make your boat run right. Get the best performance when you choose boat plugs from one of the most trusted names in marine products. Check out our Information Center for helpful guides and tips or continue reading to learn more about marine drain plugs available from Boat & RV. While we can't personally work on your boat for you, we can do the next best thing: Provide you with the very best products and customer service to help you maintain and repair your boat with ease.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Water Collection in a Boat's Bilge?

Water that does not drain through a thru-hull or off the side of a deck often collects in a boat's bilge. The most common causes of water collection are leaks in the hull or stuffing box, melting ice, rough seas, wave sprays and other interior spillages. It is extremely important for the water that collects in the bilge to be pumped out. If ignored, the bilge can become too full and result in the ship possibly sinking.

What Is A Boat Drain Plug?

Put simply, a boat drain plug is a plug that is typically located at the bottom of a boat's transom. When removed, water is able to drain out and when replaced, water is prevented from coming back in. Before each boat launch, you need to drain the water from your boat and replace the plug before you leave land. Boat plugs are inexpensive but can be extremely easy to lose. Because of this, it's smart to have a few extra on hand just in case.

Does Every Boat Have A Marine Drain Plug?

The short answer? No. Boats that have a bilge pump typically don't have to have a drain plug. But the bilge pump only helps to drain most of the water — not an ideal option for boats that are stored during the winter. Boats that aren't self-bailing or don't have a bilge pump, have to have a drain plug. This allows all the water to drain. Most boats will have one of these two options.

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